When Sabrina met Henry…

Do you remember When Harry Met Sally? Who doesn’t?

(I’ll definitely have what she’s having…)

The #MeetCute authors and I thought it would be super cute and fun if we did quick character interviews in the style of the interviews that come at the end of the movie (link below).

So I sat down with Sabrina and Henry (Spencer wasn’t there though he wanted in) to ask them about when they first met.

Here goes:

Sabrina: I used to go to Corey’s Discount Pet Center.
Henry: To buy dog food for Spencer?
Sabrina: And to spy on you.
Henry: You noticed me?
Sabrina: Who didn’t notice you. The hot young son of Chester Barnhill. With biceps that make you want to shout ‘hallelujah!’
Henry: You like my arms? (laughing quietly). Yeah, you like my arms…
Sabrina: Hefting boxes and stocking shelves at Canyon Country Mart did you proud.
Henry: I may have sold her food and wine. More than she needed just so I could keep talking to her.
Sabrina: And I may have bought all that food to keep talking to you. It’s too bad I got too tongue tied to ask you for coffee and when I think I finally worked up the courage, well, then you disappeared for months at a time.
Henry: (shrugging) Sommelier training took me all over the world.
Sabrina: Ultimately, it was a little cameo that brought us together.
Henry: You really believe that? I vote for Spencer having brought us together.
Sabrina: My dog?
Henry: He literally wrapped me up in his leash and brought me to my knees before you.
Sabrina: (grabbing Henry’s hand in hers) Whether it was the cameo or the dog, I don’t know. But I’m glad we finally found each other.
Henry: You bring out the best in me.
Sabrina: Same here….


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from the back cover….

A hike to the top might be the best fall of her life…

Outdoorsy, adventurous Sabrina Lynch loves a good challenge—like her goal to climb the world’s highest mountain. Before she heads to the top of Kilimanjaro, though, she gets an opportunity that could take her to the top of her career, designing the perfect jewelry for celebrities walking the red carpet.

When her creations turn out to be far from perfect on awards night, she has to figure out what went wrong and save her reputation. The answer could be in a small trinket, a cameo, that brings her face to face with the irresistible Henry Barnhill.

Taking over his parents’ business isn’t exactly at the top of Henry’s list until the feisty and fun Sabrina gets involved, and he realizes she’s someone special to hold on to. But before long, Sabrina’s plans for the future and a secret from her past challenge everything they’re building together. Can they find a way to achieve their dreams while holding tightly to one another?


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