When I Met You … a #meetcute sampler

when-I-met-youAnne Conley, Heather Hildenbrand and I have a new set of stories for you to enjoy… When I Met You. It features three #meetcute stories.

Some of you may remember Sophie and Ryan from my L.A. Nights Series. They meet when saving a puppy from certain death on the famed Hollywood Freeway in Los Angeles. It’s life or death, then maybe love…

Check out their story and the two others by my fellow #meetcute authors today. Free to download and enjoy. Click the box if you want to join the #meetcute newsletters!

Two books have been released so far: Fifty Frogs by Tawdra Kandle and By Choice from Rene Folsom!

Want to know more about #meetcute – check out our website. My #meetcute book Ready for Her Cameo will be out in November!