When did Sushi Bars become Sports Bars?

One of the best parts about moving to Los Angeles twelve years ago was the sushi.  No offense to New York City or other environs, but none of them can compete with the breadth and depth of raw fish available in L.A.  But I haven’t been out to sushi much after having a child.

Yesterday, I decided to break my sushi fast and get lunch with my husband.  We battled the drive, and the tight parking, to finally get in. And what was I greeted with? No less than three flat screen televisions, blaring music, and loud conversation. After shouting my order to our waiter, I was able to watch golf on one channel, baseball on another, and a People’s Court on a third. (What? small claims lawsuits aren’t sport?)

Yes, the fish was fine, but without conversation and while watching other patrons alternate between their phones and the super sized televisions, the whole experience lacked atmosphere. I would have been more at home with a beer and a football jersey.  My husband said I’m just old, but honestly can’t the food and some conversation be enough?