What places make you believe in love?

I love autumn. As I sit down to write this, I realize that every book I’ve ever written has started in September. Maybe it’s from so many years of going to school, but fall is really the start of the year for me. The air is crisp. The sidewalks crackle with leaves.

Everything seems possible.

My latest book Puppy Love (to be released on December 17, 2012) starts in the fall where I currently live, Los Angeles. Unfortunately, cool fall air doesn’t arrive to our area until October. September in LA is beastly. With dry, hot winds blowing in from the desert, it’s the hottest year of the month.

But, Puppy Love still starts in autumn, in the hottest place you can be in Los Angeles, on the freeway. Fortunately, Sophie and Ryan don’t spend too much time driving, but spend their time falling in love.

Puppy Love takes place not far from where I live. My heroine Sophie lives in an area of Los Angeles called Library Square. Since I love to read, and spend many days at the library, I often walk around the neighborhood. The tree lined streets, and well tended homes make me feel warm and cozy every time I’m over there. It made a great location for part of my story.

I love books that take place in the fall and winter. They remind me of walks I’ve taken in Brooklyn, New York – where I was born – past all the lovely brownstones, the streets lined with maples. They also remind me of Connecticut – where I lived for a time – with all those old center hall Colonials – on streets line with old oaks and peeling birches.

Surrounded by all that natural beauty, I can always believe a hero and heroine can fall in love. What locations remind you of the power of love?

I’d love to hear what places warm your heart. Leave a comment below with your e-mail address in the body of the comment and be entered to win one of three gift cards (a $100 gift card, and two $50 gift cards) from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

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