TV time

So I live in L.A., and I’m never on TV. I suspect most of the city’s four million plus residents are never on television, but I know so many people that are that my judgment is skewed.

Months, and months ago I agreed to do a TV show that features authors once or month. Of course, I’m panicking. It’s the last minute and I don’t have a thing to wear – no seriously. My, um, size six wardrobe hasn’t fit since I had a baby. And I’m to vain, or too cheap to buy new clothes. Turns out that yoga pants, no matter how cute, are NOT a good idea for a serious interview where we talk about books, and writing and serious adult things.

And the frantic shopping I did last week – a big zero. I’ll have to return EVERYTHING I bought. I do not want to look like a big sherbert scoop on the small screen: yes Gap, Ann Taylor, and Macy’s, I’m looking at you. Didn’t fluorescent colors go out of style in the 1980s? Why, oh why are they back??

So I’m going for something staid I pulled out from the back of my closet, and I hope it all looks OK. So what in the heck would you wear if  you had to tape a show, in say . . . two and a half hours?