Summer Gardening

That title is misleading. Gardening in California can be a year round endeavor. In the summer, it can be intense because the sun and warm weather keep you busy with watering and weeding. If you’re growing fruits or vegetables, there’s near constant harvesting and preserving.

I’m about to run off to try to do one super thorough weeding before the sun and heat really get going. (We’re fully in something Angelenos call June Gloom. It’s cloudy and cool much of the day during the month).  But for July, August, and September – all bets are off.

Winter gardening has been difficult for me to wrap my head around even though I’ve been in Los Angeles nearly a dozen years. If you don’t weed, one good rain will chock you full of crabgrass and stinging nettle. But so-called ‘winter plants,’ the kind I’m used to from growing up on the east coast, don’t always do so well either. Often it’s just too warm, and too dry for them to succeed.

I went to the nursery yesterday, hoping to spot some native drought tolerant plants – or at least the kinds of plants native to a Mediterranean climate that will do well (ahem, survive) my ministrations.  Well enough typing, I need to do more weeding.