Soap Standards?

There should be some kind of standard for soap.  If you sell it in the grocery store, it has to actually clean things.  I want to start a government agency that requires stuff actually work.

Here’s what happened.  I was in my third drugstore in as many days looking for a specifc cold medicine for my son. I finally found the medicine, but didn’t have the energy to make it to a grocery store.  So I wandered through about twenty aisles (when did drug stores get so big) looking for dishwasher detergent.  Of course the only thing on the shelf was some very fancy, very expensive brand.  Desperate, I bought it and used it.

It was a miracle.  For days, I’ve been dancing around my kitchen like an actress in a commercial – thrilled with my suddenly sparkly glasses, and squeaky clean plates.  I had given up the ghost on clean dishes after several years and three different dishwashers.

Who knew?  Well, me.  Years ago I was complaining about how my dishes looked dirtier after the dishwasher was done than before I put them in.  A wise friend, opening my under sink cabinet,  told me I should switch brands.  I ignored her.  Even Consumer Reports suggests no brand is much different than another.  Their most highly rated brand was Trader Joe’s – which is among the ones I used.  What difference could it make?

Turns out, a big difference!  Gone are the days of pre and post washing dishes.  So yes, I was back at the store buying the very expensive brand – and I’m still happy, albeit a little bit poorer.

Now, about that government agency . . . .