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…from Shattered


“What do I have to do to get you to say yes?” She cursed her mouth, then. Her mouth had decided to forge this path and had gone on ahead without her mind’s full consent.

He grabbed the extra fabric of the sleeves of his too-big jacket and pulled her toward him. Gemma took small sips of air, but couldn’t seem to get enough in her lungs to breathe.

“Let’s see if we’re at least compatible,” he whispered before his mouth descended to hers.

Her mind whirled around, trying to gain purchase.


What did that mean? What did he mean? How could they not be compatible when she practically melted every time he came near?

Her brain stopped when his lips slipped along hers, slowly at first. Then he slanted his head and the kiss got a little bolder.

Every cell in her body wanted more, wanted to pull him closer, wanted to feel his skin. She lifted her hands and wove them around his neck. Everything in her body tingled, her lips, ears, belly, even her scalp. Suddenly, her decision didn’t seem neither stupid nor rash, but the rightest, smartest thing she’d done in a long, long time.

Walking a single step brought their bodies together. Gemma couldn’t remember the last time she’d been this close to someone, where she could smell their very essence. Adonis’ essence was plaster and paint and sweat mixed with a smell that was all his own.

He pulled his mouth away. There wasn’t a second to lodge the protest that nearly passed her lips. His hands were in her hair, tugging lightly. Her head fell back and he opened his hot mouth on her neck.

Wow. That was the only proper word for Adonis and his mouth. Wow. If a kiss could melt her insides, a touch below her neck would set her on fire.

“We need to get inside.” His voice was gruff.

Suddenly conscious of the display they were making, Gemma took two giant steps toward the panel, punched in the code, and pushed open the door. For a moment, she worried that the spell had been broken, that he’d stay behind the threshold. But her worry was squashed when he pushed in behind her and Granger, closing the door hard.

Trying not to run, she moved as quickly as possible to her bedroom.

Shutting out the dog, Adonis closed another door.

It was them.

Only them.

And a huge king-size bed raised on a six-inch platform. The room, normally flooded with light, was cast in deep shadows, the sun having dipped close to the horizon. Not able to look at the man she’d invited into her inner sanctum, Gemma tiptoed around him and pushed up the dimmer switch. The sconces on either side of the bed and the tiny halogen spots along the ceiling beam glowed weakly, inadvertently setting the scene for seduction.

“Are the lights… I…um…” What did people say at a time like this? She tried to remember her lines from her last lovemaking scene, but her head was woefully blank. “I don’t know what comes next,” she blurted.

“What do you want to be next, Gemma?”

In movies, this was always carefully scripted. She’d lost her on-screen virginity twice. “In Entwined Souls, I was supposed to be fated. The community elders orchestrated the first time between the boy and girl. In The Absent Girl, it was one of those Lolita situations.”

“Real life isn’t anything like the movies, Gemma. At least it wasn’t for me.”

She walked over and sat on the bed’s gray comforter, kicking off her shoes. “I guess if it were like the movies, then I’d have more experience than I do.” She laughed awkwardly.

Adonis fell to one of the orange leather chairs her decorator had insisted upon. He untied first one heavy boot, then the next. He pulled off his socks and tucked them in the collar of the boots. Standing, he took one step, then another toward her. With each step, her heart accelerated.

This was going to happen. Finally, she was going to have something in common with the rest of the world, rather than everything about her life being an anomaly.

Instead of sitting next to her, Adonis knelt before her on the small platform. Gently, he parted her knees and fitted his hips between. Eyes level, she flicked hers away, staring over his shoulder at the black and white spots in the cowhide rug.

She’d made a wish then gotten what she’d fantasized about so many nights, right here in this bed, Adonis Andreis.

“What are you thinking, Gemma? You’re not here with me anymore.”

“I got my wish, but I don’t know what to do with you.”

“What feels good?”

Heat rushed to her skin. It was as though sweat was prickling from every single pore. “Kissing you felt good.”

He lifted her arms and slipped his jacket from her shoulders. “Then why don’t we start there.”

His kiss started out as tentative as the last time, as if she were as unsure as a skittish rabbit. She’d made herself a promise. She never shied away from her commitments. So she lifted her hands and grabbed handfuls of his shirt, pulling him ever closer.

Tilting her head, she opened her mouth a bit, wordlessly inviting him to kiss her deeply. His tongue came out in exploration. He tasted like heaven. So much better than tobacco disguised with mint, like she’d experienced on far too many movie sets.

“You taste really good,” she said after leaning back. Gemma flattened her hands along his collar, the little flecks of plaster bumpy under her fingers. Slowly, not breaking her stare this time, she unbuttoned first one, then two buttons. When there was no protest from him, she quickly undid the remainder and spread the shirt wide. The reward was more than worth the effort.

A broad, hard chest lay under her exploring fingers. A sprinkling of light brown hair covered his skin. Flat nipples sat along the strong planes of his pecs. As if moving on its own, Gemma’s hand followed the tracing of hair that arrowed its way down to his jeans.

His stomach sucked in suddenly as she laid her fingers against his belt buckle. The double-thick layer of fabric at the zip did little to hide the telltale bulge below.

That was for her. Despite his protests, in spite of who she was, he wanted her.

Taking her hands from him, she reached behind her back and undid the single snap holding her top together. The sleeveless top slipped off her shoulders with the slightest lean forward.

Adonis placed a kiss on the top of her head. His lips moved to the side of her neck, his tongue darting out and leaving a hot, sweet trail. She gasped when his open mouth landed hotly on the sheer lace covering her breast.

Holy Jesus, she would never survive this. This feeling like something was trying to claw its way from her skin.

Pushing his shirt from his shoulders, she grasped his shoulders, bringing them closer.

Seconds later, the scrap of lace that had covered her breasts was nowhere to be found, and they’d gone from vertical to horizontal in the blink of an eye. He lay next to her, his movements lazy and unhurried.

All she wanted was hurry. As in, hurry up and get it over with. Tick the “first time” box and move on. He was anything but in a hurry. Reverently, Adonis smoothed a hand down her body, barely grazing her breast, but pushing the romper off her legs. A tiny black thong was all that remained.


She’d never felt so exposed to a man.

She concentrated on staying still, resisting the urge to push her breasts into his palms, shove her hips toward his.

She curved her hands around the back of his head and brought it back down. Kissing. That was something she could do.

Gemma had prided herself on always being a fast study. When Adonis lifted his mouth this time, his pupils were dilated; the little green that remained was intensely dark. One thing mastered. While she was trying to figure out what she could do to turn him on, he lay his palm flat against her hard nipple.

When his hand plumped the breast closest to him, she knew he wasn’t playing anymore.

“Oh…oh my God,” she said when his lips and tongue finally closed around her nipple.

His teeth grazed her flesh as he pulled away in an instant. “Sorry. You okay?”

“Yes. It was just intense. Better than I expected.”

His chuckle was mischievous as he bent his head again, this time taking the other nipple deep into his mouth. This time he didn’t flinch at her cry of pleasure. He kissed a hot, wet trail back up her chest, taking her lips again.

Her hands made deliberate work of separating the buckle from belt loop. Not able to hold back any longer, she rolled to her side, slipping a leg between the coarse fabric covering his thighs. She let out a moan when the rough of denim brushed against the smooth of silk of her underwear.

One last hurdle flitted to the front of her mind, stopping her from enjoying every smell, touch, taste of the feast before her.

“Do you… God. Do you have a condom? I don’t. I can order, but I didn’t know…size.”

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