Meet Sheila Harrison Grant

Qualified Immunity Sylvie FoxIn my forthcoming novel, Qualified Immunity (to be released on my birthday November 17th), Sheila Harrison Grant is the glue that holds the book together. In short, she has a problem, a very big problem.

She lost one great job, and is on tenterhooks with another. The only thing that stands between her and a lifetime federal appointment is, the United States Senate. Convincing one hundred men and women that she’s worth of the job will be no small feat.

And right in the middle of that process, a mother’s worst nightmare—her daughter’s snatched from her home and tossed into foster care.

In this, the newest Girlfriends Book Club cycle, we’ll be talking about important characters. Judge Grant, as I think of her, is the eye in the tornado. Here are a few details:

Name: Sheila Harrison Grant

Age: 45

Occupation: Federal District Judge (recess appointment)

City of Birth: Cleveland, Ohio

Relationship Status: Divorced

qi_artPhysical Characteristics: Five foot six, same size eight as when she graduated from law school. (Thanks to the very talented Patricia Krebs, the picture on the right is a rendering of the novel’s main characters.)

Hobbies: Are for other people.

Major Goal: Turn her temporary judicial appointment into a lifetime one.

Powerful Childhood Memory: Watching her parents work tirelessly without much in the way of compensation, and seeing them die without any kind of retirement.

Deepest Secret: Is revealed in Chapter Forty-two. If I told you, I’d have to kill you. Seriously, it’s the hardest thing a woman has to keep to herself.

Greatest Strength: Ability to move on from devastating pain and anguish.

Biggest Fear: That her strengths will be perceived as weaknesses.

First Impression of Peyton Bennett: That he was just another well connected, arrogant lawyer. She couldn’t have been more wrong.

I hope you enjoyed a small peak in the Judge Grant’s world. I’m looking forward to sharing her story with readers next month.

Sylvie Fox is the author of The Good Enough Husband. She’s also the author of Unlikely and Impasse, the first two books in the sexy, contemporary L.A. Nights series. Don’t Judge Me, the first book in the Judgment series, released this September. When she’s not battling traffic on the freeways of Los Angeles, she’s eating her way through Budapest.