Is the only celibate man a married one?

I’m currently working on a book where the hero has been celibate for over a year. When talking to someone about this, she said single men are never celibate. From what I read about sex in marriage, though, a lot of married men are.

I’ve spent about a week thinking about this.   Almost every woman I know has taken time off of sex and dating. One bad relationship and most women I’ve talked to, take a time out. They do yoga, cut their hair, and regroup.  I’ve known women to refrain from sex for years, and years, and years.

Now I know this is probably very unrealistic for men. But don’t they ever take time to think? After a few failed relationships and a bad marriage or two, don’t they take a minute, or a month, or even a year to think about what went wrong. And consider refraining from sex and relationship to have even a moment of self-reflection.

Something to ponder while writing from the point of view of women and men.