I’m too old for this

A few weeks ago, I finally decided it’s time to lose that baby weight, get back in shape, and get back to being that person who loved to work out. After today . . . I’m thinking it’s too hard. Ambitiously, I decided to do a seven mile hike in the Pacific Palisades. I used to love this hike. I’d run part of the way up, and run all the way down.

Of course, I invited a friend who’s in far better shape than me.  I hope she got something out of it. Because there wasn’t any running today.

It was nearly impossible. It’s hard to believe I was ever able to lift my legs for more than a few feet. My heart beat so much, I thought it would give out. My legs and knees were tired five minutes in, much less five miles . . .

Two hours later I’m home, happy I did it, and sad that it was so hard. I’m going to pull through and get in shape this time . . . but I vow never to let myself get out of shape again. This transition from couch potato to fit Angeleno is just to damn difficult.