I Haven’t Packed a Thing

In a week, I’m leaving my home in Los Angeles with a small child, to spend the summer in Europe.  I’m panicking because I HAVEN’T PACKED A SINGLE THING. I’m starting to panic. What should I take? I think I’ll need to take a lot of kids clothes because he will have surely outgrown them when I return. I should probably take very few clothes of my own because I can probably find anything I need.  And will I need anything more than jeans, t-shirts, and flip flops? Probably not.

But what about all that other stuff? Right now I’m obsessed with getting a purse.  Yeah, that’s always what it comes down to. I have a small backpack I use when out on the town with the little one. Now, I’m wondering if a waterproof messenger bag would be the answer? Intellectually, I KNOW that a bag won’t solve the problem. My real worry is how I’m going to navigate a big, busy city on foot with a child in tow.  It’s times like this I wished I’d stayed in New York, because I’d probably know the answer.  Instead I live in Los Angeles, where all child stuff floats around in the car.  If I need anything, my car isn’t too far away.

And an SUV is a much bigger vessel for kid crap than whatever I can carry on my person.  I think it’s time to pack!