High School Yearbooks. Remember yours?

This morning I moseyed over to the office to get my son’s school yearbook.  I had no plans to purchase this for our small child.  But one day I got an e-mail that they were going to do an all school photo. For some reason this spurred excitement like nothing else.  Suddenly there were lines out the door of the small office with parents ready to plunk down fifty bucks for the memory.  So, I stood in that line after my husband pestered me.

That was months ago, and I haven’t thought about it since standing in that line.  Today I followed the signs placed around campus and picked up the yearbook.  I’m so glad I did.  First, I have to tell you I’m the most unsentimental person ever. I strongly believe life moves only in one direction – forward.  I try to look back as little as possible.  But, this took me back – or maybe forward.

My dear son is at a small, progressive school that nurtures children from toddlerhood through high school.  I don’t know what I expected, but each and every student is featured in the yearbook.  It’s nothing like my own high school where I remember it being an archive of popularity.  It’s the most democratic thing I’ve ever seen. Each senior has a full two pages as well.  It’s fascinating to look at what’s important to eighteen year old children – born in the mid nineties, no less.  Long after I’d completed my schooling. And lastly, it’s in color.  When did that happen? Full color.  The digital era is upon us, my friends.

It’s hard to believe that one day my own child – the same tiny little one I gave birth to – will have a list of best classes, and superlatives, and pictures with friends, and existential quotes.  It’s that kind of forward thinking that makes we want to look back.