Finishing that lingering knitting project

My second favorite thing to do is knit. But I’m at that awkward stage where I have a project that’s ninety percent done that’s just not getting finished. About a year ago, I bought Susan B Anderson’s Spud & Chloe at the Farm. I quickly knit up all the animals, and Chloe. Even the bales of hay and cute little baskets are done.

The only things I have left are the fence and barn. And I can’t quite get it done. A number of sweaters and hats may have come on and off the needles in the meantime. So I’m publicly declaring that I’m going to get it done. I will no longer use the excuse – that DS is playing with the farm anyway. Every so often he asks about the barn, and well, I should make it so.

And I will not be tempted by that really cute new project someone in my Friday morning knitting circle just started . . . . Nope, it’s time to get this one done.

Now onto fence post number four. I’m ready to mark this one DONE in Ravelry.

What’s that one project that’s not just getting done for you?