Faith in Humanity – Momentarily Restored

How was your Saturday night? This is how mine was.

“Sylvie!” my dear, dear husband yelled from his office. “Did you use my computer?”

I’ve never used his computer. It was probably ten o’clock, and I was tucked in bed, reading. Something, though, about the panic in his voice made me get up to see what happened.  Sure enough, the padded area of his briefcase that holds his work computer was – gone.

Cue the adrenaline. A lot of pacing, thrusting the phone at me to find numbers, and phone calls later, we learn my dear, dear husband has left his laptop in that rectangular plastic box at Chicago-O’Hare’s airport security. While we’re comfortably ensconced thousands of miles away in Los Angeles.  Forty-eight hours of self flagellation later, dear husband calls T.S.A., and lo and behold they say they have the computer and will send it back by Federal Express.

Now, I’ve been through security with TSA. Many of you have been through security. Nothing about that process made me believe we’d ever see that damned computer again.  Will miracles never cease? It’s here in Los Angeles. And though he’s not at the office today, we’ve been assured it even works.

I’m still prying my jaw off the floor.