The Casey Cort Series – Volume One

Cleveland lawyer Casey Cort lost more than her job when she crossed the wrong political family, she lost her idealism. Casey’s scraped together a career as a solo practitioner which has offered her more than one opportunity for redemption…but its also threatened her life. In this thrilling, gritty, realistic series by former criminal lawyer Aime Austin, readers will experience stories ripped from the headlines with the heart and soul of the best women’s fiction. 
In  The Common Pleas Lawyer  Casey Cort crosses an influential family...Two rich families. One poor student. Who will win? 

In  Under Color of Law  Casey faces the Brodys again...The Brody family destroyed her. Now they want her back. 

In  In Plain Sight  Casey has to make the right choice between what is right and what is ethical. 
This bundle includes  The Common Pleas Lawyer, Under Color of Law, and  In Plain Sight, from the Casey Cort series.