Don’t Judge Me – Audiobook

Narrated by Michael T. Bradley

Michael T. Bradley was born and raised in the rural Midwest, but please don't hold that against him. He has provided voice talent for audio books, podcasts, riffing groups, and even a video game. He is currently a sales analyst in the corporate world in Portland, Oregon, where he resides with his disgruntled cat.

Fill a lonely city with one dash of playboy comedian.
Add a splash of adult webmistress.
Do not shake.

One-night gigs, one-night stands, even one-night in jail…comedian Raphael Augustine is not about the repeat performance. Now he’s closing in on a TV deal that might be his route to stardom, he can’t let anything unexpected shakeup his careful plans. Or so he tells himself.

During Raphael’s striptease act at a gay bar, a young woman catches his eye—and his shirt. Daisy is gorgeous, but she’s also from world more prim and proper than anything Raphael knows. Falling for her may be the biggest joke the world’s played on him yet.

Despite her Ivy League education, Daisy’s wound up doing the one job she never imagined: working as an adult webmaster. Her degree’s collects dust on the wall while she clings to a failing business and spends her days in virtual chat rooms. It’s enough to make her want to give up on men entirely—after all, they only seem to want one thing. But when Daisy meets a rakish comic, she begins to doubt her cynical view of love. Could he be the one?


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