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Zoe, a reader says,

"This was a beautiful love story of people given a chance at both love and life some after thinking they'd never get the chance or even a second chance. "

Maryam, a reader says,

"Sylvie Fox delivers a scorcher with Shattered! A great read with well developed characters who have awesome chemistry together. The storyline is also interesting and there are some really steamy scenes as well! Overall, a great read! You can read this as a standalone as well!"

Cleveland lawyer Casey Cort lost more than her job when she crossed the wrong political family, she lost her idealism. Casey’s scraped together a career as a solo practitioner which has offered her more than one opportunity for redemption…but its also threatened her life.

In this thrilling, gritty, realistic series by criminal lawyer Sylvie fox, readers will experience stories ripped from the headlines with the heart and soul of the best women’s fiction.

This bundle includes Qualified Immunity, Under Color of Law, and In Plain Sight, the first three books in the Casey Cort series.


The nights are hotter in Los Angeles

There are only two things Sophie Reid doesn’t do: lawyers and sex. When sexy lawyer Ryan Becker waltzes into her life, he persuades her to pursue their attraction. But a Hollywood union strikes, and Ryan and Sophie find themselves on opposite sides of the bargaining table. Can their sparks in the bedroom overcome their standoff in the boardroom?

IMPASSE (Book 2)
Divorced and done with her dry spell, Holly Prentice is ready to get back in the game. At six years her junior, Nick Andreis is a perfect stand in for Mr. Right as Mr. Right Now. Will Holly’s unexpected pregnancy change the rules of the game? Or can they both decide to play for keeps?

SHAKEN (Book 3)
After he married Jessie Morales, Cameron Becker made a solemn vow: Once mine, always mine. Years later, Cameron still holds fast to this belief, even though he and Jessie are legally separated. When a natural disaster brings them together, Cam is poised to get his wife back. But will Jessie choose family and career over love a second time?



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Hannah tells lies.
Daisy keeps secrets.
Nari hides the truth.

Three women with three explosive secrets.

What would you do if you met your soul mate, but were already married? In The Good Enough Husband, Hannah Keesling must choose between the man she married and the man she loves.

Daisy Fletcher has a secret. She sells sex on the Internet. In Don't Judge Me, an Ivy League graduate navigates the world of online sex and real life love.

Nari Yoon has a husband that she's told no one about. But that's not her biggest secret. In The Secret Widow, her one night stand is determined to find out what it is.


ANOTHER STORY: A Smart Women's Fiction Sampler

A collection of excerpts from romantic women’s fiction author Sylvie Fox.

Featuring women’s fiction titles: The Good Enough Husband, Don’t Judge Me, and The Secret Widow.

Also includes selections from the L.A. Nights Series: Unlikely, Impasse, Shaken, and Stirred.

Sylvie Fox has been hailed as a “must read author” who is “assured to blow you away.”