59 posts in 59 days?

A blogger I follow issues a challenge yesterday. Fellow bloggers are going to try to post every day for the next 60 days.

I’ve been thinking of taking up the challenge, and of course, I’m already a day behind! In my old life, when I had time, I used to blog a few times a week.  So I’m going to try it.  Why not? What’s the worse that could happen?

I started blogging in May 2003. I just had to look that up. I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for ten years. Wow, that makes me feel ancient.

I met my first blogger by happenstance at a photo shoot in Los Angeles. She mentioned blogging. I’d never heard of it. I went home read her blog, and fell in love with the idea. I’ve always written both fiction and non fiction, and love switching between the two genres. I’ve written about almost everything under the sun, politics, feminism, books, and life in Los Angeles. 

Now that I’m writing fiction full time and have mostly abandoned non fiction, I’ve fallen off the blogging wagon. So here’s to getting back on with this new blog!